Setting Up The PSPSDK In 2018: What’s Changed?

Back in 2009, the PSP homebrew development scene was flourishing like crazy. Quite a respectable number of people owned Playstation Portables and they were all the rage (curse you DS!). People were figuring out new exploits and making new programs that let them do an increasing number of things the homebrew community had never seen before. At least, I’m told it was like that.

Fast forward 8 years to when I’m writing this post on a cold, dreary day at the beginning of winter 2018 and nearly nobody has any recollection of those glorious days. (Or maybe I’m just too young to have been truly immersed in the scene?) Either way, I found myself staring at me old gizmo a few months back, reminising about the hours I’d spent desperately trying to not get myself killed in Ratatouille or trying to figure out why crashing into blank walls in Burnout was so addictive. In the few years between the transition from a child to the socially awkward, bumbling teenager that I now am, I had somehow managed to scrap together a piece-meal knowledge in programming and thought myself ready to take on an ancient console. I wanted to explore what I could do with my device, see what wonders it now held for me at a different age.

Obviously, I was not experienced enough in programming, nor had the ensuing years of weathering on the community done anything to update the knowledge that was publicly available. So, I tinkered for a few frustrating weeks and came up with this little post on how to install and hotfix the PSPSDK in 2018.

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